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How to Pick the Best Atlanta Property Management Company with Online Reputations

System - Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Company reputation is a big thing today, especially with social media and the Internet. It’s very easy to get online and figure out what you need to know about a company that you might want to do business with. It’s important that you do more than simply Google a company’s name and see the reviews there. People also tend to view reviews on Yelp or Cityscape, Angie’s List, the Better Business Bureau and others. Many of these sites will allow you to read good and bad reviews.

Not too many people take the time to really research a company. You want to find out other things about a management company you are considering, such as how big it is and how many people are being served by how many different employees. The reviews are important, but so are other details.

For example, let’s say you come across a property management company with 2,500 clients. Perhaps that company has 15 bad reviews posted online. Those odds are actually really good for the company. If, out of 2,500 clients, only 15 of them are unhappy enough to write about it publicly, you can assume the company has a lot of very happy clients.

The only site that does this well is the Better Business Bureau. They do a complete review of a company, including details such as size, how many employees are there and how long the place has been in business. One thing you will notice about the Better Business Bureau is that most of the reviews on there are negative. However, you get to see how the complaint was filed, how the property management company dealt with those complaints and what the final resolution was. Things aren’t always favorably resolved every time, but you’ll get a clear picture of what took place.

Do your homework and take your time when you’re looking at reviews. You want to get the big picture about a property management company and you cannot do that when you are too focused on one or two bad reviews.

How to Pick the Best Atlanta Property Management Company with Online ReputationsIf you need any help finding a property management company, or you need more information about online reviews, please contact us at Property Services of Atlanta.

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