Let us manage your bank-owned property

With over 50 years of combined real estate experience in property management and sales, we can help you manage your properties, prepare them for sale, and actually assist with the selling.

We will maintain your properties for ultimate sale and sell them faster than the competition.

#1 Property Management First: In the Interim

Riding out the length of a tenancy on a bank-owned property can be a complicated and daunting task. By utilizing the expertise of our property management services, you will benefit from our knowledge of managing homeowner associations, ordinances, successfully maintaining tenant relations, working with maintenance vendors, and preparing properties for sale. You will avoid the cost of adding additional employees to manage properties and minimize the time needed to understand the legalities and finer points of property management.

With professional property managers servicing the Atlanta market, we will provide you with the best possible competitive service. Employing qualified property managers in various areas of the city allows us to be readily available and knowledgeable about each respective location. Your property manager will work closely with you, the maintenance crews and vendors to ensure that your property is being handled in the highest of professional standards.

#2 Selling Bank-Owned Properties: The Ultimate Goal

We know your ultimate goal is to sell your bank-owned property. The market is saturated with the typical bank-owned properties sold “as is.” As a result, buyers are expecting more for their money. We will identify the smallest, most cost-effective improvement opportunities that will yield the highest return…and get the property sold. In addition, making improvements will help to avoid HOA and community violation fees and fines. We would like to develop a long-standing partnership with you in either preparing properties for sale, managing them, selling them, or a combination of all three services.

Here is a sample of the services we provide. We offer individualized packages with discounts for multiple properties. Please call us to discuss your specific needs.

Occupied Properties: Property Management Services

Minimal Set-up Fee

  • Property Assessment
  • Contract Assessment & Analysis (lease, HOA, community)
  • Assessment & Analysis Recommendations Report
  • Implementation of Property Improvements (additional charges apply)
  • Tenant Contact & Notification
  • Property Maintenance & Tenant Relations During Tenancy
  • Property Sale Preparation or Renegotiation of Tenancy, as desired
  • Manage Process of Lease Completion & Vacancy, including Legal Processes as necessary (additional charges may apply)

Vacant Properties: Property Management and Sales Services

Minimal Set-up Fee

  • Post Occupancy - Assessment & Implementation Process to Prepare Property for Sale (additional charges may apply)
  • Market Pricing Analysis
  • Implement Aggressive Marketing(additional charges may apply)
  • Close Property Post Sale

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