Atlanta Property Management: Keeping Up on Your Rental Properties

If you’re looking for new investment opportunities, real estate is one area where an initial up-front investment can continue to pay off for years to come. Working with an Atlanta property management firm can even help relieve some of the work in managing rental units. However, before you invest in real estate, you’ll want to know what’s needed to guarantee you a surplus of potential tenants.

The renters of residential properties don’t want their homes to look like rental units. Thus, it’s incumbent upon you, as the property owner, to make sure that the condition of your rentals matches that of the other homes in the neighborhood. Staying up on a rental home’s maintenance isn’t overly difficult if you can commit yourself to performing regular property inspections with an Atlanta property management firm.

The Importance of Inspections Through an Atlanta Property Management Firm

Aside from inspecting your properties before outgoing tenants leave and incoming tenants arrive, it’s recommended that you also do an annual walk-through to try and catch problems that tenants may have not reported. Often, your renters will be hesitant to report small problems to you. Their concern may lie in losing their security deposit, or damaging their relationship with you. However, small problems left unaddressed by you or your Atlanta property management partner will almost always evolve into large-scale issues that can devalue the property in the eyes of future renters.

What to Look For

Therefore, you and/or your Atlanta property management firm should make routine property inspections a priority. Start by assessing the property’s curb appeal. Walk around the entire exterior and get up on the roof. Check for issues such as:

  • Loose roofing materials
  • Damaged gutters
  • Poorly-maintained landscaping
  • Worn peeling exterior paint

Also, keep a close eye on signs of water damage. This can include water streaks along exterior walls or loose siding. If you or your Atlanta property management firm notice water damage on the outside, it’s likely to affecting the home’s interior, as well.

Once you’re done with your exterior inspection, head inside. Check the electrical and HVAC systems, and looks for any signs of small problems that could go unnoticed, such as:

  • Leaks
  • Mold
  • Insects or rodents

Your investment in residential rental properties is one that can provide you with an outstanding source of supplementary income. Yet you have to be willing to give your units the care that they need in order to keep you from being saddled with mortgage payments for unoccupied rental properties. Staying on top of their maintenance through routine inspections by an Atlanta property management partner helps to address potential problems while they’re still easily manageable, as well as to bolster the confidence potential renters have in the property. If you don’t the time to do this, consider handing that task over to a good Atlanta property management firm.