Marketing Your Atlanta Rental Properties

There are many important things that go into the marketing of your Atlanta rental properties. It starts with curb appeal. If your rental property in Atlanta does not look good and show well, it is going to be very hard to market it well. People will not appreciate or want to rent a home that is not in its best condition. This means the property will take a longer time to rent, no matter how brilliant your marketing efforts are.

The Look and Feel of it!

Curb appeal includes the whole package. On the inside, everything must be clean and working. Make sure the home looks neat and in really good shape. On the outside, the house has to have a manicured lawn, no debris floating around the yard or the driveway and a nice, even trim. Everything about the house must be positive so people have a good experience. That is the best thing you can do for your marketing.

It’s a big mistake for investors to put their properties on the market before everything is complete. If your home is not move-in ready, don’t start marketing it yet. That leaves too many uncertainties in the minds of renters and they will always prefer a house that is ready to go.

Property Services of Atlanta are a Georgia Property Management company, and we can help you with getting your property rented.

What Do We Do With Your Atlanta Rental Properties?

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Georgia Property Management

We are Property Services of Atlanta, an Atlanta Property Management company, and we follow an advantageous marketing plan. Signage is very important for your rental property. We strategically place signs either at the Atlanta rental properties, or we use markers which are signs leading through the community all the way to the property. We also recommend a lot of advertising and marketing on the Internet. Most of our renters come from our online efforts, so it’s very successful. Any ads we run get sent out to a lot of different sites, giving the homes we have for rent a lot of important exposure to renters looking for homes.

Establishing a good rental price is a large part of your marketing efforts. We always recommend doing a complete rental market analysis before putting a price tag on your property. A property management company will look at your Atlanta rental properties, consider the communities surrounding them and compare the property to other properties in the area that are similar in style, size and type. This gives them the right price for your property and you can get it on the market.

If you have any questions about how to effectively market your Atlanta rental properties so that renters take notice of it, or want to know more about Atlanta Property Management, please contact us at Property Services of Atlanta. We would love to help you out.