What to Expect From a Full Service Atlanta Property Management Company

What to Expect From a Full Service Atlanta Property Management Company

A full-service Atlanta property management company will do more than find you a tenant and collect rent. With the right property management partnership, your investment property will perform better. You’ll earn more and spend less. You’ll also have a team of experienced managers leading the way when it comes to leasing, managing, and maintaining your home. You won’t have to worry about any of the details that can frustrate self-managing landlords who don’t have the tools, resources, or knowledge that you’ll find with a management company.

Keep your standards high and make sure your expectations are understood and met. Here are some of the basic things you should expect to find when you’re working with an Atlanta property management company.

Atlanta Leasing Services

High quality tenants are going to have a huge impact on your investment experience and performance. Attracting, placing, and retaining those great tenants is something you can absolutely expect from your property managers.

Leasing requires a good marketing strategy, an excellent commitment to communication, and an awareness of the local market. A full-service leasing and management company should understand your home’s rental value and how it compares to competing properties. Your management company should take professional pictures and market your listing on all the popular rental websites that tenants are using. They should also respond to questions and messages swiftly and schedule showings.

You’ll need a thorough application and screening process that follows all fair housing laws. Make sure everything is documented and when a tenant is approved, you can expect your property manager to negotiate and sign the lease agreement. Then, a move-in inspection will be conducted to document the condition of your home and all move-in funds and deposits will be lawfully collected.

Maintaining Your Atlanta Rental Property

Property managers will respond to routine and emergency maintenance situations, and they should also keep an eye on preventative maintenance. You don’t want to replace your heating and cooling unit every few years, and you should expect your management company to keep your maintenance costs down.

A good management company will either provide in-house maintenance services or partner with preferred vendors who offer discounts and provide outstanding workmanship. An emergency response system is also required in case tenants have an urgent maintenance issue occur in the middle of the night or on a weekend.

Lease Enforcement and Rent Collection

Enforcing the lease is an important part of Atlanta property management.

You can expect your full-service property management plan to include on-time rent collection, easy electronic payments, and great tenant relationships that provide you with peace of mind.

Your property manager should conduct detailed move-in and move-out inspections that document the condition of the property. If there’s a lease violation or rent stops coming in, you’ll want your property manager to take the appropriate steps, including eviction if necessary.

Transparent Accounting and Risk Management

Atlanta property management includes staying up to date on all the laws pertaining to your rental property and your tenants. The rental laws in Georgia aren’t as difficult for landlords as they are in other states, but there are still strict steps that need to be taken when it comes to rental increases, evictions, and security deposits. Property managers will reduce the risk that you make a legal mistake. You’ll know you and your property are in compliance.

You can also count on transparent and accurate accounting. Financial statements should be provided on a monthly basis, and a good management company will also make them available in an online portal. Every professional manager has access to great technology. There’s no excuse for not having the information you need.

Full-service property management services should also include a complete strategy that addresses all of your goals as a rental property owner and investor. When you want to begin growing your portfolio, your manager should help by taking a look at your investment goals and deciding which properties would make the right investment opportunities for you.

What to Expect From a Full Service Atlanta Property Management CompanyThese are only a handful of the things you should expect from a full-service Atlanta property management company. If you’d like to hear more, please contact us at Property Services of Atlanta.