Atlanta Property Management Benefits of a One Stop Shop

Atlanta Property Management Benefits of a One Stop Shop

One of the things we offer that other companies cannot provide is the efficiency of a one stop shop. We deal with the real estate side of investment property all the way to the maintenance side of any properties that we are managing. At Property Management Services of Atlanta, we have our own in-house maintenance company called Pinpoint Maintenance Services. We created this maintenance company for a lot of reasons and we are very glad we did. Over the years as real estate professionals and property managers, we found it was hard to get reliable vendors out to the job site in a timely manner to get a quote or provide a bid. When you are struggling just to get a quote on work that needs to be done, you naturally worry about the timeliness and quality of the work once it actually gets started. So, we decided 12 years ago that we would open up Pinpoint Maintenance Services to better serve our property owners and our investors. It also helps us serve our tenants better.

Atlanta Property Management Benefits One Stop ShopWhen you have tenants living in your property, you want to make sure all of the maintenance requests and repair work gets taken care of right away. When it comes to maintenance, time is of the essence and it needs to happen quickly. If you are not able to provide high quality and reliable services to the tenants when it comes to getting a leak fixed or a heater repaired, you will have a problem keeping good tenants in your property. When a property manager cannot provide quality work and pay attention to the cost factors for owners and investors, you are going to lose business. With that in mind and our desire to provide the best service possible, we knew having a maintenance team in house would be beneficial.

This has worked out extremely well for us as well as for our owners and tenants over the last 12 years. WE continue to be able to operate as a one stop shop for anyone with property needs. It saves you time, money and a lot of headaches when you know exactly who will be doing your maintenance work. We are able to build relationships with our tenants and we always feel comfortable knowing our own people are going in and out of these properties. It also gives us an extra set of eyes which can be helpful in keeping us up to date on what is going on inside the home.

From the standpoint of day to day operations, our one stop shopping guarantee is a big time saver. We are able to offer better services to everyone involved. If you have any questions about what this might mean for your property, please contact us at Property Services of Atlanta.