Why You Should Choose Property Management in Atlanta with In-House Maintenance

As a topnotch company handling property management in Atlanta, we have always maintained a focus on serving our customers – property owners - in the best way possible. In order to do this, around 2011 we created our own in-house maintenance company. This has turned out to be one of the best decisions we’ve ever made in our efforts to best meet our clients’ needs. Here are some of the ways it’s been a game changer.

Benefits for Owners

Our property investors have put their faith in us to keep their buildings well maintained in the most consistent way possible. This requires doing regular repairs, such as new paint jobs at regular intervals, in addition to dealing with emergency fixes, e.g. a leak in the ceiling or a hole in the wall. Some of these things are time sensitive, and when you must wait for a maintenance company to come do an estimate, and then remain patient for the actual work to get done, this can be stressful. Having an in-house company available working with property management in Atlanta to do the work makes this process go much faster.

Benefits for Tenants

Tenants should be kept happy, and taking care of maintenance issues in an expedient manner is one way to ensure this. Making certain your property is clean and well kept is important for attracting new renters as well. In this way you can provide a positive environment that encourages good tenants to stay on, and avoid the costs and time of dealing with frequent vacancies.

Safety and Quality

Having our own company, staffed with our own employees, makes sense for safety and security issues. We have no concerns about letting employees into tenants’ units, as they have all been carefully vetted and screened. We also know that the quality of the work they do will be high, as they have proved that time and time again. Having an extra set of eyes checking out the condition of the property and units for purposes involving property management in Atlanta is also great for safeguarding the building. Prices for the work will be fair and not inflated, as is often a risk with bringing in outside organizations.

Overall, there are huge advantages we’ve seen in our time since we decided to bring maintenance work in-house. Considerable amounts of time and money have been saved, major headaches have been avoided, and our investors have seen the results. It is also something that sets us apart from other firms handling property management in Atlanta, GA. Our company, handling all aspects of property management from real estate to maintenance, can see to it all.