3 Steps to Faster Leasing for Your Atlanta Rental Property

3 Steps to Faster Leasing for Your Atlanta Rental Property

Vacancies are expensive, and when you’re renting out an Atlanta property, you want to get it filled with a great tenant as quickly as possible. The leasing process should be efficient and effective, and you shouldn’t be left looking for a tenant for more than a few weeks. 

Here are three steps we recommend as professional Atlanta property managers that will lead you to a faster leasing process.

1. Price Your Atlanta Rental Home Competitively

Pricing has an impact on how quickly you’re able to attract and place a well-qualified tenant. A fast leasing process depends on a rental value that’s accurate and competitive. 

Every rental property owner wants to price their rental home as high as possible in order to maximize what is earned in rent. However, it’s dangerous to over-price your property. Tenants have access to most of the same pricing data you do; they’re not going to pay more than they have to for a home, especially if similar homes are available for less. 

Conduct a comparative analysis that shows you the rental values of properties similar to yours in the immediate Atlanta neighborhood. Ideally, you’ll gather information about what they rented for and how long they were on the market. This will help you establish the right price for your own property and contribute to a better leasing process. 

2. Improve the Condition of your Atlanta Investment

Attractive, well-maintained homes in good neighborhoods will always rent quickly. You won’t have to worry about a long leasing period when you offer a great property to prospective tenants. 

Before you list the home, consider its condition. If it’s looking worn or old, make some cost-effective upgrades. A fresh coat of paint is important, as well as clean floors. If the carpets are stained or torn, replace them. Install some hard surface flooring if you want to increase your rental value and rent out the home quickly. 

You have to think like a resident, otherwise it will take you longer to find a good tenant.  

Before you begin marketing or showing your property, make sure it’s professionally cleaned and have the landscaping updated. Curb appeal will count. It’s the first impression tenants have of your property. Make sure you get them inside and let them feel like the home is move-in ready.

3. Pay Attention to Strong Marketing and Online Advertising

You’ll need more than a Craigslist ad to effectively lease your Atlanta rental property quickly.  

Strategic marketing will attract good tenants quickly and help you avoid long and expensive vacancies. Make sure you’re taking professional-level photos and writing concise, detailed descriptions. Reach the largest possible pool of tenants by advertising your listing on all the popular rental platforms. Spread the word on social media. 

Always follow up when prospective tenants get in touch to ask questions or schedule a showing. If you don’t answer the phone or wait a week to get back to them, they will already have moved on and chosen another property. You have to make yourself available and you need to facilitate showings that are convenient for tenants. 

marketing documentsThese are three easy steps to ensure you are able to rent your property quickly to Atlanta tenants. If you have any questions about how to implement these plans, contact us at Property Services of Atlanta. We can help you have a better leasing experience.